Sew Mo!

I have a confession… I found my passion! I decided back in January on my winter holiday that I was going to come back to the States and learn how to sew. I wanted to learn how to make a pattern from measurements and create skirts from scratch. I found a class in Maryland that did just that and registered for the next available class.

I started my first class in February. It was a very cold and dreary Saturday morning. There were six other people in my class that were also embarking on learning this pivotal skill. I  joked about how we missed out growing up, because they did not offer us sewing in school. It was a requirement for the generations before us. At least my parents and older relatives were required to learn sewing. Anyway, we stood in class and introduced ourselves. We all came from different professional backgrounds and had different reasons for wanting to learn how to sew. We were all novices to this craft.

I personally, even with my passion for fashion had never operated a sewing machine. I love gadgets and learning how to use them, but somehow I did not feel this way about a sewing machine. I was quite overwhelmed by this machine, and especially the industrial ones we were to use in class.The first class went down as a success. We took each others measurements and figured out our waist, high-hip, and low-hip circumference. As a stylist it was a breeze to take measurements. It was something that I had to do on a daily basis while fitting men for suits for years, or sending them to the tailors.

Our first home assignment was to purchase items needed for our sewing kit, and to shop for fabric swatches. My friend and I went to the fabric store and I felt like I was in Sephora!! If you know me personally, you know I lose my mind in a beauty store. Now this was something else to put a BIG fat cheesy smile on my face! I was so inspired in this store with rows and rooms of different fabrics and materials. My knowledge of fabrics and the quality of them made choosing the fabric for my skirt a breeze. I chose all Super 120’s wool in shades of gray or blue. I ended up going with a light gray wool that I visualized would look amazing with black patent, Cognac, red, or metallic shoes. 

Fast forward to June and many classes later, I am no longer overwhelmed by the sewing machine. I find myself in fabric stores and supply shops more than I find myself in Sephora. 😉 I use the Juki sewing machine with ease as well as the Brother machine that I purchased for at home use. My skirt will be complete by the weekend. It has been a very interesting journey. I am grateful for my instructor Ella, who is such a gentle, beautiful soul. I look forward to taking more classes with her before the year comes to a close. I also can’t wait to make my next skirt. I prefer this one to be a long maxi skirt because I love those just as much as I love my pencil skirts! Xx

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