Love & Relationships 101

I stumbled across this old note in my phone. I am notorious for using the notes option on my iPhone. It comes in handy if I don’t have one of my trusty notebooks with me. I am posting this because it is something to think about in regard to loving yourself and someone else. I wrote this in 2012 and I am not sure what motivated me to do so, but here you go…..

Love & Relationships 101

The biggest part of loving someone is first learning to love yourself. How do you learn to love yourself effectively? Is the ability to love yourself something taught at childhood or is it something that comes with age?

Throughout my life, I have always been on the quest toward self-love and acceptance. This is no easy feat. At best it is often an agonizing and confusing journey. You will question yourself at every turn until you find out what truly makes you happy, and what you will and will not tolerate. Consider it a process of elimination. You have to eliminate all of the conditioning and all of the lies that you’ve been told about yourself and about love.

Our parents tried their best to be that perfect model of love. In a way, most parents get it right. They love us in spite of our faults and shortcomings. Our mothers try their best to nurture us and our fathers try their best to shape our esteem. What happens when we don’t have that luxury? Where do we go for the basic common denominator; love? Do we settle for less? Do we walk around aimlessly, hopelessly waiting for someone to complete us by loving us?

Let’s get this right: there is no human on this planet that can complete you. A person can complement you, but understand that you are already whole. The missing pieces will come when you turn your focus inward. Being self focused does not mean that you are selfish. Be wary of people who coin you as being selfish. People who aren’t enlightened or secure with their SELF have no right to label.

It’s time to step it up and stand up for yourself. Stand up for love. You know what you want and how you want to feel. You aren’t needy. You are deserving of all things good and lovely. Take a chance and live in love. It is amazing what can come to you when you radiate love. It is the most powerful feeling in the world. It is what brings nations together and can drive nations apart. Be cognizant of what you are dishing out and accept the fact that you aren’t perfect. Perfection lies in the creator and you are a reflection of that. Bask in the glory that you are whole, flaws and all. Xx

Ali Mo

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