Shelf Life 101

As much as we may hate to hear it, everything has a shelf life. I am not talking about people having a shelf life, but our grooming products. In particular, skin care and cosmetics. If you are one of those awesome individuals that use everything in your bottles pretty quickly, I salute you. This article … More Shelf Life 101

More or Less?

 Have you ever met a woman and you could tell that they were pretty, but you weren’t confident in that assessment? There was something off. It was not their hair, their makeup, their eyelashes, but maybe it was? Then it dawned on you; they were doing way too much.   Many young women are experimenting with … More More or Less?

Airplane Beauty Tips

Traveling by airplane is exciting. The unfortunate news is that it isn’t that exciting for our skin. Airplane air is pretty aggressive on our skin. The humidity level on an airplane is lower than that of a desert. Follow these tips for optimal beauty before and during your next flight. 1. Before leaving home for … More Airplane Beauty Tips