La Familia

This month I had the pleasure of being around loved ones to celebrate my cousin Amirah’s graduation from Howard University. I absolutely adore Amirah. Not to mention that her name means “Princess” in Arabic. 😉 I am extremely proud of her recent accomplishment, and wish her all the best. This is truly the beginning for … More La Familia

Yoshi and Yoga

I love Yoga and I love attending with my girl, Yoshi. We met years ago when I worked for J. Crew. I always loved her for her spunky personality and the fact that she could whistle as good as I could. After being confined to my bed for over a week due to a nasty … More Yoshi and Yoga

Hello Balance

Am I really mastering the art of balance as a thirty something year old? Holy Moly!! Life is real and super unpredictable. As I approach my next birthday, I can’t help but to revel in the amount of personal growth that has occurred in the last eight months. It surely has not been a cakewalk … More Hello Balance