Airplane Beauty Tips

Traveling by airplane is exciting. The unfortunate news is that it isn’t that exciting for our skin. Airplane air is pretty aggressive on our skin. The humidity level on an airplane is lower than that of a desert. Follow these tips for optimal beauty before and during your next flight. 1. Before leaving home for … More Airplane Beauty Tips

Bucket List 2014

1. Dubai, UAE 2. Berlin, Germany 3. Marrakech, Morocco 4. Istanbul, Turkey 5. Addis Ababa, Ethiopia 5. Melbourne, Australia 6. Dubrovnik, Croatia 7. Monaco, France In no particular order. 🌍🌎🌏

The Best Travel Apps

 What we do without our Smartphones and tablets? I cannot even begin to answer that question. I know that many of you will be traveling for the Winter holiday. I have compiled a list of the best travel apps to have on your trip.  1. iTranslate 2. Tripwolf 3. Pocket Guide 4. Camera+ 5. Flipagram